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I think there is something about the sort of dissatisfaction we experience that is unique to our time. It’s funny we have all these great tools to allow us communicate more easily than ever before, but people are probably more self-absorbed in general than ever before. 

I’m not religious in any dogmatic sense, but I have spent some time reading into Buddhist philosophy recently, and that has changed my perspective a lot. I’ve become more aware of my own need for validation. Most people in general feel this need. Part of that is the human condition but it’s also exaggerated by a modern need for instant gratification, and a feeling of lack. 

I often joke that my grandfather would be super pissed to hear about me griping over lost followers given the life-changing challenges he went through. I can’t imagine him checking his Instagram to see how many likes his selfie got. I can’t imagine him giving a damn about any of that. I admire that, but then here I am, carefully curating my personal brand. It’s sort of hilarious. 

I guess the key is to keep a sense of humor about it, and not take anything too seriously. Nothing matters, everything matters. “How strange it is to be anything at all.”

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