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I guess I never saw my hometown until I stayed away too long.

Let me preface this by saying that I go down to the DC area quite a bit, whether for family or for work. Thanksgiving Break 2017, though, felt a little different. Whereas previous visits were marked by the mad dash to see as many people as possible, I took it easy this time and really tried taking it all in as if I had all the time in the world.

It’s crazy to think that I’m coming on a year and a half since I packed up and moved north to New York City and yet I still feel irrevocably tied to DC because it’s where I spent my formative years, doing stupid shit and learning a whole lot about myself in the process.

New York City is my present and my future now, and I first moved partly due to the fact that DC was being haunted by people/events/memories that were no longer there. In a way, I felt left behind, relegated to re-telling stories from my past and the only way to reclaim that sense of urgency in my life was to get out and break from the familiarity. 

But that’s different now. Coming back this time, I found appreciation for those memories, and and an even greater appreciation for a vibrant and ever-changing cityscape. I love you, DC and I mean that.

[I’ll be working on some personal projects that require some participation for the next few months, so I’ll be letting you all know more soon-ish. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos below as well as a list of songs I’m listening to at the bottom of the post]

Black Creek Park, November 2017

U Street, November 2017

U Street, November 2017

U Street, November 2017

Ben’s Chili Bowl, November 2017

Capitol Hill, November 2017

Long Exposure, 2017

Long Exposure, 2017

Long Exposure, 2017

Union Station Metro, 2017

U Street, November 2017

U Street Corridor, 2017

A sign of the times, 2017

Chinatown, 2017

National Mall, 2017

African-American History Museum, 2017

National Monument, 2017

L’Enfant Plaza Metro, 2017


San Diego Serenade - Tom Waits

In Care of 8675309 - Lambchop

Coming Home - Leon Bridges

Blindsided - Bon Iver

Left and Leaving - the Weakerthans

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