on film

shot my first roll of film. and let me tell you, I get it. I understand why people still swear by film photography in the age of digital cameras.

sure, I had to wait a bit to see the final product, but that taught me patience.

sure, I had a limited amount of physical film to use, but that taught me how to shoot with intent.

sure, I totally screwed up my settings and focus in a few shots, but that taught me that I still have a lot to learn and master

even though this isn’t my best work, it’s reigniting a lot of creative possibilities within me and I can’t wait to focus on developing my work in the new year.

if you’re to ask me what the theme of 2019 is for my photography, it’s this: back-to-basics.

enjoy these shots, I can’t wait to look back on these and see how much I’ve improved down the line

[for all you nerds out there, this was shot on a Nikon Fe2 with a 50 mm lens and Portra 400 film]

first shot/first roll

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