a hard day’s night

on april 7, 2018, i had the privilege of being a part of the 24HourProject, which calls for photographers of all different skill-levels/styles/experiences to document his or her own city/hometown for 24 hours. the overarching theme for all years has been to capture humanity and highlight the human condition. this year, an additional theme was applied, calling for empowering women and fighting human trafficking.

if you are following the 24HourProject instagram page, you’ll find a few very special photos of photojournalist Smita Sharma and 24HourProject founder Renzo Grande leading a photography workshop for underprivileged girls who would later participate in the april 7th event. really incredible to see and drives home the point that photography is truly something anyone can pick up and at any point and distill his or her own experiences into the art form.

as for my experience with the project, it was extremely challenging but rewarding. i deliberately went with uploading one photo every other hour because i wanted to give a chance for each photograph to have chance to leave a longer impression (and also not flood your instagram feed). it was definitely a challenge trying to pull together 12 photos in a short period of time that i was proud of, without repeating myself, and all the while trying to stay awake and alert for 24 hours (or in my case, 22 hours…took a nap here and there).

i want to thank paris-based photographer marie collin for introducing me to the project, and boston-based photographer cecily delapena and DC-based photographer ty von plinsky for joining me and working with me for an extremely long time while operating on fumes.

here are the 12 photos i shared:

12:58 AM, Hell’s Kitchen

3:04 AM, somewhere between Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea

4:02 AM, Times Square

5:05 AM, Grand Central Terminal

7:02 AM, somewhere on the A Train

8:15 AM, Lower East Side

10:14 AM, Chinatown

1:15 PM, Chinatown

4:06 PM, Soho

9:36 PM, Washington Square Park

10:43 PM, Hell’s Kitchen

11:59 PM, New York City

and here are a few outtakes/behind the scenes:

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